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Jha D
Jha D is a lover, a lesbian, a student, a poet and whatever else she wants to be on a given day. She likes going out for dinner alone, having long conversations with homeless people, talking about books she’s never read, hearing other people laugh and getting hugs. As a writer and performer, she focuses her work on turning up the volume for the Voice of the LGBTIQ community. She firmly believes in the power of expression and professes that “there is true art in spreading your own truths’. Considering her identity, most of her work pertains to Lesbians of Color and aims to explore and express their experiences. Her poetry has afforded her the opportunities to participate in documentaries such as 'What Now: A Tiffany J. Davis Documentary', be featured and host workshops at events such as the annual ‘True Colors Conference’ and invited to MC events such as Queer Women of Color’s [QWOC] ‘OUTSPOKEN’ Showcase. Coupled with her passion of expressing herself is her desire to encourage others to speak and be heard, which led her to establishing the ‘if you can Feel it, you can Speak it’ Open Mic in November 2010. The mission of the Feel it, Speak it Open Mic is to give anyone an opportunity to get on the mic and speak their peace. It is a non-pretentious, non-elitist mic that invites comedians, poets, vocalists, rappers, thinkers, professionals, new comers and anyone else to share their experiences. Jha D professes that if you want to get on the mic and talk about your day, you’re more than welcomed to. The Feel it, Speak it Open Mic also prides itself on being the only monthly open mic dedicated to the LGBTQI community in the Boston area, and ensures a platform on which Queer artists can get the love, respect and attention they deserve. After founding the ‘Feel it, Speak it’ Open Mic she developed EN-ER-GY which is show dedicated to exposing an eclectic cast of Boston-based [Boston doesn’t need to import talent!] artists to a diverse audience. Artists are cast based on the uniqueness of their talent and their ability to evoke emotion and energy from an audience. This year marks the second installment of EN-ER-GY, and most certainly not the last! Although her graduate studies in architecture have relocated her to Philadelphia she is still dedicated to contributing to the art scene in her home city of Boston through the immense power of writing, poetry, dialogue and performance.

Below are two samples of her evoking poetry.  Enjoy!

Her contact info is:
617.272.5398 / jhanea@gmail.com, subject BOOKING INQUIRY


06/06/2011 09:08

I haven't written any poetry or spoke my mind on paper in a few months now. I just read a mere preview of your work and it's inspired me to pick up a pen again. Thanks, I'll see you all Friday :D


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